• EU Funds Project Management

    CNB can manage all of the steps and documentation, business plans and professional services for your EU funded project. Our EU funds trained staff and additional collaborators are experienced and very capable to make your EU funded project a success. Our contacts and extensive knowledge of business in general provide an advantage in accessing EU Funds and following through on Project implementation when needed. Our International database and personal relationships is a another resource you get when trusting CNB to work for you.

  • €35 Million EU Fund Opens for SMEs With Green Ideas

    The EU Commission has launched a new €35 million call for proposals from small businesses with green products or services. This comes from the 2010 Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) Eco-innovation fund, which aims to support projects in the area of recycling, sustainable building products, the food and drink sector and green business practices. Janez Potonik, European Commissioner for the Environment said: “This call for innovative projects is a tremendous opportunity for Europe’s entrepreneurial talent to showcase new ideas to reduce our ecological footprint. The CIP Eco-Innovation programme shows that helping the environment makes good business …read more

  • Romania Throws Away EU Funding Opportunities

    Romania and the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region continue to be affected by the global recession. As the downturn hit these countries later than the U.S. and Western Europe, it is quite likely that there are still some tough months ahead before the recovery begins. Romania and the CEE countries have suffered a significant reduction in foreign investment since the start of the recession, as investors have moved away from emerging markets in a search for security. In these circumstances, it is even more important for Romania to take advantage of the large amounts available in EU funding for the 2007-2013 period. Yet the latest issue of the annual survey by KPMG member firms in the region EU Funds in Central and Eastern Europe, indicates that Romania’s takeup…read more

  • Local Development Held Back By EU Fund Absorption Delay

    The development of local infrastructure in Romania is dependent on European funds. The more EU-financed projects are set-up by city halls, local and county councils, the more prosperous the regions become. Some EU funds allocated to local authorities for regional development come through the Ministry of Agriculture – for investments in rural infrastructure, through the Ministry of Environment and Forests – for projects related to rehabilitation and extension of water and sewage infrastructure and waste management, and the Ministry of Economy – for investments in IT infrastructure and renewable energy. But most structural funds are in the hands of the new Ministry of Regional…read more

  • Payments to Structural Fund Beneficiaries Hit 1.2bn Euros

    Of the 8.6bn euros in European structural funds available for the 2007-2010 period, local authorities have so far transferred 1.2bn euros to beneficiaries, meaning a 13.4% absorption rate. Major payments have started being operated over the past two months, when those who won European projected received almost 260m euros. The programme that made the biggest headway is the one destined to human resources development (POSDRU), which last year lagged behind the others in terms of European money absorption…read more

  • EU Aid to be Used for Fingerprinting

    BRUSSELS 2010 (IPS) – Aid traditionally reserved for keeping victims of war and disasters alive may now be used for security-related projects such as the fingerprinting of refugees, European Union officials have decided. Although the European Commission’s humanitarian office (ECHO) regularly publishes statements detailing how much food, medicines or blankets it gives to people in distress, it has drawn no attention to a widening in the scope of its activities in recent years. Through a partnership with the United Nations’ Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the office has been financing the development of a computer system designed to store the fingerprints and other biometric data of refugees.read more

  • Romania requests funds from EC for most intense laser in the world

    Romania will send the funding request for the project of the most intense laser in the world, the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), to the European Commission (EC) either in September or October 2011, Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sport Daniel Funeriu told an international conference organised by professional services company KPMG Romania.

    According to the feasibility study conducted in August 2010, the total cost of the project amounts to 280 million euros (without VAT).’The project would be financed by structural funds from the European Union and any major project covered by structural funding exceeding 50 million euros needs a preliminary approval from the European …read more