• CNB Industries is a Development Company Committed to Development and Growth.

    Our expertise in public financial management helps governments plan more effectively. Our procurement and supply chain services, together with banking and asset management services, help ensure that wealth generated is spent or invested for the good of all. Through technical assistance, consultancy and training, we help to reduce poverty, improve health and increase prosperity. Good governance and capacity building underpin everything we do. We work in partnership with multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, European Commission, United Nations agencies and regional development banks, and bilateral donors such as the UK, Japanese and US governments. We operate at all times to the highest standards of integrity and transparency. Our mission is to be internationally recognised by our clients as a leading partner in their development.

  • Reforming the financial system

    The EU is taking unprecedented measures to restore stability to financial markets and to get credit flowing again. These must be matched by robust reform to prevent a repeat of the crisis and to rebuild trust in the banking industry. Financial products, activities and participants must be effectively regulated and supervised. Ethical behaviour should be promoted and unethical behaviour sanctioned. To achieve a lasting recovery, Europe must have a reliable financial market that fulfills its core function, providing mortgages, pensions and loans…read more

  • Public Procurement

    Since the 1990s, government at all levels is under increasing pressure to do more with less. However, despite the U.S. government spending about 15 to 20 percent of its GDP on contracts for goods and services, there is a paucity of reference books for public procurement officials and very few textbooks for courses on the subject. Filling this void, the International Handbook of Public Procurement provides the knowledge necessary to understand how procurement works and how to improve the cost-effectiveness of procurement systems…read more