• Europe’s Net Refuseniks Revealed

    One third of Europeans have never used the net, according to an EU report. The study, which examined the region’s digital landscape over the last five years, also revealed that more than one in four Europeans had never used a PC. More than one in three of the digital refuseniks said they did not see the need for a connection while nearly one quarter said they could not afford it. People above the age of 65 and the unemployed were the least active online, it said. However, the study also revealed that in 2008 56% of Europeans had become regular internet users, up one third since 2004…read more

  • EU Plans to Make High-Speed Internet Compulsory

    The incoming Spanish EU Presidency wants to extend universal service requirements to broadband Internet, making it compulsory for member states to make the service available in every corner of their territory. The move is aimed at improving Web access in rural areas but has raised a number of concerns for the telecoms industry. The European Commission estimates that only 70% of the population of the EU’s countryside areas can rely on existing infrastructure to access the Internet via a high-speed connection…read more

  • EU Grid Project Unlocks Processing Power of 200,000 Desktop Computers for European Researchers

    EU researchers will have sustainable and continuous access to the combined processing power of over 200,000 desktop computers in more than 30 European countries thanks to the European Commission funded European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) project. The Commission is contributing €25 million over four years to the EGI-InSPIRE project to link the processing capacity of desktop computers when they would otherwise be idle and so give researchers the processing power needed to tackle complex problems in environment, energy or health. The EGI, the largest collaborative production grid infrastructure for e-Science ever created, will enable teams of researchers…read more