• CNB Specializes in Meeting the Non-Weaponry Needs

    CNB specializes in meeting the non-weaponry needs of military forces, families and retirees through procurement programs for the important supply of rations, medicines and personal care items.

  • Romanian Armed Forces

    The Land Forces have overhauled their equipment in recent years, and are today a modern army with multiple NATO capabilities. They are participating in a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, together with the other NATO countries. The Air Force currently operates modernized Soviet MiG-21 LanceR fighters, which are due to be replaced by new fighters by 2013, according to present plans. The Air Force has also ordered 7 new C-27J Spartan tactical airlift aircraft, in order to replace the bulk of the old transport force.[6] Two modernized ex-Royal Navy Type 22 frigates were acquired by the Naval Forces in 2004 and a further four modern missile corvettes will be commissioned in the next few years. Three domestically-produced IAR 330 Puma NAVAL helicopters were also ordered…read more


    CNB supplies the naval construction battalion 11 also aka “lucky 11” with construction materials since 2008. The Naval Mobile Construction Batalion 11 is the most recent of the 8 active SEABEES active battalions, and is used like the previous ones for interventions in case of calamities, natural desasters and humanitarian assistance.
    The American military will continue the civic assistance programs in Tulcea and Constanta, and that includes upgrading the Medical units in Maliuc, foster homes in Tulcea and rehabilitating kindergardens in Corbu and Sacele. CNB Industries Supports the Humanitarian Military Bases and Personel of all Military battalions providing medicine, construction materials, and IT products through EU, US and Gvt funding.